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The company is a business that manufactures and supplies envelopes to the retail and commercial markets. The company commenced business in August 2005. The primary function is to manufacture and supply envelopes to suit the needs of each and every client large or small – we endeavour to be distinctly different from our competitors, with the highest standards of: 

• Customer courtesy 

• Reliability 

• Quality 

• Responsive and cost effective rates 
The Purpose of the Business is:
-  To economically empower previously disadvantaged communities. 

-  To create jobs for the unemployed. 

-  To offer opportunity, training and development to previously 
disadvantaged communities. 

-  To meet the challenges that face black economic empowerment 
and affirmative action. 

-  To identify the South African commercial and industrial market 
needs and endeavour to fulfill these needs responsibly and efficiently. 

Mission Statement

We seek to be and be recognised as a responsible, fair and profitable organisation, committed to providing:
• For our clients, a precise, prompt and courteous service. 

• For our employees, a spirit of family and oppurtunity for personal growth. 

• For our members, a fair profit. 

• For the community, support for activities that enhance the quality of life. 

Management Profile: 
The business has 2 members - YUSUF TAYOB & ANWAR GANIE. Both members have extensive knowledge in Envelope Manuacturing. Yusuf has been a Member and General Manager of an Envelope company in Durban from 1997 to 2004. Anwar has been Production Manager at an Envelope Plant from August 1997 to February 2005. He has extensive knowledge in the envelope manufacturing process is eager to applying his knowledge at KZN Envelopes. 
Marketing Data 
An extensive study was conducted on local and international markets and it was found that there was potential for huge growth in this market as the literacy rate in Africa grows. The Current usage of envelopes in South Africa has exceeded 200 million envelopes per month and the figure is growing. With Black Economic Empowerment being one of South Africa’s major objectives, there is a need for more Black Empowered Envelope Manufacturers in South Africa. 
KZN Envelopes has been established to take advantage of this fact. KZN Envelopes is targeting 30 million envelopes as its market share which is approximately 10% of South Africa’s total usage. KZN Envelopes has been in contact with several agents with regards to supplying envelopes to African countries, namely, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Ghana. 


KZN Envelopes has purchased Winkler & Dunnebier Envelope Machines of German origin. W&D are the undisputed market leaders in envelope converting equipment with an 85% market share worldwide. W&D constantly provides advice, service, and spare parts for all their machinery to envelope manufacturers worldwide. A representative from Germany visits South Africa once a year to offer advice on advancements and additions in their machinery.

Situation of Factory

KZN Envelopes factory is situated at 21 Forest Place, Rossburgh, Durban and has the capacity of producing 20 million envelopes per month through its manufacturing plant. The Floor is approximately 1000mts. and holds 7 machines. The factory has 3 high speed envelope machines, 2 machine for the manufacture of Pocket envelopes and also hold 2 Litho and Flexo printing machines for envelope printing.
Product Range

KZN Envelopes is equipped to manufacture most envelope sizes. Our range includes :
- 90mm x 152mm envelopes for commercial use
- DL 110mm x 220mm envelopes for business use
- 115mm x 230mm envelopes for inserting machines
- 108mm x 213mm envelopes for business reply
- C6 114mm x 162mm envelopes for greeting cards
- C5 & B5 Pockets
- C4 & B4 Pockets for documents
- C3 & X-Ray Pockets
- 1,2 & 4 Colour Printed envelopes
- Envelopes for use in Automatic Inserting & Folding Machines
Non-Standard and special sizes can be manufactured on request.


- The Department of Health (KZN) - PMB.!

- Mailtronic Direct Marketing - JHB.

- Ethekwini Municipality – Durban

- Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality – Port Elizabeth

- Old Mutual Healthcare – Cape Town 

- Ithala Bank – Durban

- Albaraka Bank - Durban

- Hybrid Mail

– S.A Post Office

– Witspos JHB.

- Fleet Street Publications – JHB.

- The Government Printing Works – Pretoria

- Legalwise

- Various Stationers and Printers Country Wide.

Strategic Partners and Associations

Envelope Manufacturers association of South Africa (EMMSA)

Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA)

Direct Marketing Association SA
South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

Stationery & Home Office Products Association of South Africa (SHOPSA) South African Post Office

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Address: 21 Forest Place Seaview, 4094, Durban

Email: info@kznenvelopes.co.za

Phone: (031) 465 3992

Fax: (031) 465 3956