What year is it?

What year is it?

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Wide variety

Wide variety

We manufacture a wide variety

Business Profile

The company is a business that manufactures and supplies envelopes to the retail and commercial markets. The company commenced business in August 2005. The primary function is to manufacture and supply envelopes to suit the needs of each and every client large or small – we endeavour to be distinctly different from our competitors, with the highest standards of: 

• Customer courtesy 

• Reliability 

• Quality 

• Responsive and cost effective rates 
The Purpose of the Business is:
-  To economically empower previously disadvantaged communities. 

-  To create jobs for the unemployed. 

-  To offer opportunity, training and development to previously 
disadvantaged communities. 

-  To meet the challenges that face black economic empowerment 
and affirmative action. 

-  To identify the South African commercial and industrial market 
needs and endeavour to fulfil these needs responsibly and efficiently.






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Contact Details

Address: 21 Forest Place Seaview, 4094, Durban

Email: info@kznenvelopes.co.za

Phone: (031) 465 3992

Fax: (031) 465 3956